Ready to get organized?

Think about walking around your home, smiling, feeling at peace and having a sense of freedom. Everything is where it’s supposed to be, right at your fingertips, right when you need it. You spend less time trying to find what you need and spend more time doing the things that are important. With my help, you can get organized, Easy-Peasy! Some of the areas where I can help:

  • home office/paperwork management
  • closets
  • bedrooms
  • kitchens/pantries
  • household command center
  • laundry/entryway/mudrooms
  • living rooms/dining rooms
  • toy rooms/kids rooms
  • craft rooms

RAVE REVIEW: “After having my 3rd child, moving and going back to work at a new job, I realized that I needed help getting organized! Sarah came through completely. Her approach was motivating, upbeat, therapeutic, nonjudgemental, productive and completely supportive. What a transformation! Thank you, Sarah!” ~ R.K. Lyme, NH

Each project is unique. For some, it might be as simple as clearing off a dining room table so a family can eat again. (What a difference this can make — being able to sit down with family and friends in a stress-free environment!) For others, it might entail a more complex, longer-term project, such as purging your home to get ready for a move. No matter if your project is big or small, we could be a great fit if:
  • You are ready to uncover your courage, roll up your sleeves and dive right in.
  • You are motivated, supportable and can get excited about the process.
  • You see the value in having access to what is important to you so that you can enjoy your life.
  • You want to get back on track and are open to learning about how to be organized.
  • You are ready to make a change in your life.

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How I Can Help You Get Organized

In Your Home Organizing

(Serving a 30 mile radius around Norwich, VT)

Step One: Complimentary “Connection Conversation”. It all starts with a dialog. We talk about where you are currently, what it is that you want and how we can get you there. Click HERE to have direct access to my calendar to schedule your call, or HERE to see other ways to contact me.

Step Two: Assessment Visit. This is when we have one on one time to talk more about the challenges you are facing. Together, we look at what’s working and what’s not and create a vision for your space and come up with a plan of action with an estimate of time. This typically lasts about an hour to an hour and a half.  From here we set up appointments for some hands-on organizing.

Step Three: Hands-on Organizing.  I generally work in 3-4 hour sessions to ensure success without burnout (Don’t worry, not all people can work in four hour blocks of time. We can break them up to suit your needs!). We focus on one space at a time, identify what’s important, sort, purge and organize.  Keep in mind that organizing is a process that involves the reduction of clutter. That being said, you have the final say about what stays and what goes.  And that stuff that you are ready to let go of?  I can help with donation drop off too.

DIY Assessment with Detailed Plan of Action

Do you want to do the work yourself, but just need motivation, ideas and a plan? This service includes:

  • One time visit for the Assessment
  • Plan of Action and Maintenance options
  • Project priorities and written goals
  • Detailed project challenges, possible solutions and step by step instruction
  • Suggested product ideas and resources.

All this so that you can do the hands-on work on your own. Don’t worry, I’ll be available to support you along the way.

Packages are available too!

All packages include an assessment, hands-on organizing, session strategy tool, post-session recap for accountability, Spot Coaching (What is this? Click HERE to learn more!), access to organizer in between sessions, a private client portal to keep everything organized, plus additional resources.

Maintenance. You will be taught new habits along the way, but if you find yourself too busy or feel yourself slipping we can schedule maintenance on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. I can help you stay on track!


RAVE REVIEW: “The pantry feels like a sanctuary amidst the chaos! I actually caught myself just standing in there last night and taking a deep breath. Thank you!” ~ Kristin B. Norwich, VT

What you bring:

  • Your situation, as it is
  • The knowledge that you are committed and serious about making a change
  • A desire for transformation

What I bring:

  • A non-judgmental attitude
  • Commitment to your process
  • Encouragement, guidance and a voice of reason

Schedule a Complimentary 30-Minute Connection Conversation by Phone with Upper Valley Home Organizer Sarah Dole by emailing her at: